Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liveblog: Evolution AMMA Part 3

After an intermission, Pat Sullivan of Renzo Denville squares off against Pablo Zambrano of Impact Martial Arts. Sullivan is wearing leopard-print fight shorts, so the pressure is definitely on him to justify them with a badass performance. Well, he certainly brings it in the first round, dominating Zambrano with flawless position and threatening with a rear naked choke until the bell. Zambrano, however, learns from his experience in the opener, and comes out feeding Sullivan fist salad in Round 2, and Round 3 is just an old-fashioned face-punching party for both men. The majority decision goes to Sullivan, but this was a close - and entertaining - fight. Next: Robert Ascolillo of Jungle Gym vs. Edge Ultimate's Jose Perez. Like his coach when he fought, Ascolillo is intense and out for blood, which translates into Ascolillo rushing across the cage, dodging a punch and jumping on Perez's back, and getting the tap out with a rear naked choke at :43 of Round 1.

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