Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liveblog: Evolution AMMA Part 4

Jungle Gym fields another competitor with Ariel Solano, who steps up to take on Noel Arcibal of Elite Tactical. This one is quick - although maybe a little questionable - as Arcibal comes out and drops Solano with a punch then immediately drops him again. Referee Keith Peterson jumps in, stopping it at 11 seconds, but Solano doesn't really look done. Regardless, Arcibal gets the win via KO on his record. Last bout and it's Renzo Denville's Alex Bruzzese vs. Team Renegade's Ben Syers. After some brief kickboxing exchanges, the two play the clinch-against-the-fence game, with Bruzzese getting a takedown at the bell. Syers is swinging for the rafters in Round 2, and is successful in putting his opponent on his butt, but Round 3 sees Bruzzese get him down and stay on top for the duration - which is enough to give the Renzo Denville rep the unanimous decision. And I'm out.

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