Saturday, April 3, 2010

Liveblog: M-1 Global Part 3

George Sheppard of MMA Institute (yes, it's an accredited college - Sheppard is getting his bachelors degree in Beatdown Science) takes to the ring to face Gold Team's Mervin Rodriguez in a lightweight tournament bout. Yikes, these guys come out lobbing grenades, with Rodriguez seeming to edge slightly ahead but both wounded by shrapnel. Round 2 is a maddening dance called "Let's Push Mervin in the Corner and Stomp on His Feet for the Entire Round", while the final frame sees more of that dance plus Rodriguez trying to work a kimura for about three whole minutes. Sheppard earns the split decision when all is said and done, but this one could have really gone either way. Next: Dennis Bermudez of Steve Blackman MMA vs. K-Rod of Pellegrino MMA in the other lightweight bout of the tournament. K-Rod's got one of the best guards in the Northeast, but Bermudez gives him hell, dodging an armbar and a heelhook to pound on him from above and come close with a guillotine from the mount. Round 2 plays out in similar fashion, with Roddy working an arm-in guillotine at the bell. Round 3 has K-Rod coming close with an inverted triangle, but Bermudez keeps his cool and survives. The unanimous decision goes to Bermudez.

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