Saturday, April 3, 2010

Liveblog: M-1 Global Part 4

Robert Connor of the Coalition Fight Team and Pat Audinwood of the Bombsquad enter for their lightweight scrap. You know, you can always tell who a promotion is banking on, because right now a one-page bio on Audinwood is being circulated through press row. Is it warranted? Judging by the carnage he's causing, I'd say yes. Dominating with a relentless top game and a constant barrage of leather, Audinwood just punishes Connor like he's a petulant child. Things slow a bit by the third round - Audinwood opting for the lay and pray and Connor doing his best to punch up and often - but ultimately the unanimous decision goes to the Bombsquad prospect. Last bout and it's Zach Makovsky against Josh Rave of Elite Professional in a bantamweight affair. Like a pair of hummingbirds who move so fast you fear they'll one day combust, these two go back and forth on the ground, transitioning in the blink of an eye in a pretty even opening round. Makovsky starts to take control in the second round, beating his opponent on the scrambles, and in the third he finally hits the guillotine, putting Rave to sleep at 1:49 of the round. That's all, my peeps.

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