Friday, June 11, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 30 Part 1

Cageside for ROC 30, can you dig it (said in a deep, booming voice with arms out-stretched)? Eleven bouts scheduled, with a bantamweight, lightweight, middleweight and welterweight belt on the line - can you dig it? TSMMA Muay Thai demigod Shennen Maceo was supposed to fight teen pop sensation Lester Caslow for the featherweight title, but Caslow came down with Strep Throat so that bout is off - CAN YOU DIG IT? Ryan LaFlare, Uriah Hall, Nick Pace, Steve DeAngelis, Liam Kerrigan, Chris Wing - the line-up tonight is insane. CANNN YOUUUU DIGGG ITTTT?

*Editors note: if you picked up on the "Warriors" reference, you are just cool enough to read this blog.*

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