Friday, June 11, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 30 Part 3

It's main card time, and opening the festivities is a lightweight match-up between James Jenkins of Jamie Varner's Combat Academy and Mike Prokop (aka, "Porkchop") of the Rhino Fight Team. As Jenkins is a devout Muslim, and a porkshop is made of pork, this has all the makings of a hotly-contested battle. (Editor's note: Jenkins isn't really Muslim. Come on, people, get with it. This blog is at most 30 percent serious.) And... a battle it most certainly is, with both men slugging out it with reckless abandon. For about three minutes and forty-four seconds Porkchop is getting the better of the exchanges, blasting Jenkins repeatedly and even stunning him at one point. But at 3:45 of Round 1 Jenkins clips Porkchop right on the chin and that's all she wrote. Next: Team Zocchi's Ariel Sepulveda against TSMMA middleweight Carlos Brooks. Brooks is coming off a loss via flawless jiu-jitsu onslaught (which occurred at UCC 2 last month), but it's doubtful this is going to be anything other than a striking festival. Sepulveda starts off strong, muscling Brooks around and landing hard strikes, yet as time wears on the TSMMA rep finds his groove and begins eating away at Sepulveda with a never-ending barrage of short punches. Half of Round 2 is spent with the Team Zocchi fighter pressing Brooks against the cage, with time ticking down to Sepulveda throwing spinning backfists and Brooks straight boxing him. The momentum belongs to Brooks in the final round, with his punches finding their mark more often than not and Sepulveda doing the funky chicken but refusing to give up. It's a close one, as evidenced by the majority decision handed down to Brooks. Good fight and a real crowd-pleaser.

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