Friday, June 11, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 30 Part 2

Jason Lee of Team Zocchi and Dave Church of Pellegrino MMA are starting off the night with a lightweight pairing. A right hand from Lee is the first thing to land with authority, but it only takes Church about 40 seconds to get his distance and timing, and he begins out-striking and out-working his foe in what is mostly a stand-up affair. Round 2 continues where Round 1 left off - until Church delivers a bunch of knuckles to Lee's chin and sends him tumbling to the canvas. The Pellegrino MMA rep follows him down and stays on him, making his presence felt with punishment and an unshakeable top game, and when time runs out Church takes the unanimous decision. Now it's time for the long-awaited pro debut of Chris Wing, who's the latest piece of fruit (no homo) to ripen on the vine of New Jersey's amateur leagues. His opponent: judoka Geidrius Karavackas, who looked strong in his pro debut a few months ago at New Breed Fighters. Is Wing ready? Well, he's got veteran fighter Chris Liguori in his corner, and he's been putting time in at the AMA Fight Club, so he's certainly got the training down pat. The bout opens with Karavackas utilizing a decent reach advantage to ding Wing up with punches and kicks, and Wing seems gunshy. That is, until Wing drops Karavackas with a punch late. The waning seconds of Round 1 see Wing in mount just beating the tar out of Karavackas, and it only takes Wing 14 seconds into Round 2 to land a knockout left hook. Impressive showing. The last of the prelim bouts is Team Endgame's JA Dudley against RABJJ stud Tom DeBlass. Dudley looks to be in the best shape we've ever seen him in (he has abs!). I guess that means coach Eddy Rolon has been putting him through his paces. Or starving him. Anyway, DeBlass draws first blood with a lateral-drop, there's a scramble, and Dudley lands an illegal up-kick that costs him a point. When they restart, it's all about DeBlass wary of Dudley's power and picking and choosing his punches, and taking the Team Endgame heavyweight's back twice on the ground. Credit goes to Dudley for dodging the Ricardo Almeida-trained black belt's subs, but there's no arguing that DeBlass did more than enough to warrant the unanimous decision that he's awarded at the end.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Deblass is the man! He owned Dudley. I can't believe that one of the judges gave one of the rounds to J.A. Tom clearly dominated both rounds of this fight. Give credit to Dudley for not being submitted. At one point he was able to go from laying on his stomach with DeBlass's hooks sunk in to standing on his feet with DeBlass on his back. No easy task seeing that TD weighed in at 222.