Saturday, June 5, 2010

Liveblog: ROC Amateurs Part 2

First up is Jay Somers of 5 Star MMA against Jeremy Lehive of Pellegrino MMA. Hey, did you know 5 Star MMA is really the Pitts Penn team? I did not. Apparently they had to change their name due to some copyright dispute with the University of Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh's varsity dogfighting team. Anyway, Round 1 sees these guys trading furiously until Somers wobbles Lehive with some knuckle-love. Lehive recovers on the ground, though, and threatens with an armbar. The Pellegrino MMAer continues with the positional dominance in the second, and when Somers drops him with a punch in the third it's clear Lehive's best chance for victory is in the realm of grappling - which is realized when he slaps on the triangle for the tap out at 2:48 in. Next: Julio Germain of Atlantic Veterans MMA vs. Billy Hofacker of Serra/Longo. Hofacker's got the venerable Serra brothers in his corner, ready to go their own brand of "Crazy Lasagna Jiu-Jitsu" if things get out of control, so we'll see how it goes. Germain looks strong in the striking and wrestling department, but Hofacker manages to sweep him and torment him from back-mount in both Round 1 and 2. But Germain has his sprawl and brawl down pat by the third, swinging, sprawling and backing away until the crowd is booing Hofacker for excessive butt-floppery. It goes to the judges and they declare it a majority draw. Team Endgame's Sal Vecchia takes to the cage to face TSMMA's Gregg Bellardinelli. Woof. There's a whole lot of Italian in the cage now. I think Snookie might be guest reffing, too. Vecchia takes the opening frame with superior wrestling, keeping his foe firmly on the canvas, and he repeats the feat in Round 2 and nearly finishes with a guillotine at the bell. Bellardinelli is behind for sure come Round 3, but he can't stop the takedown, and Vecchia does his thing and takes the unanimous decision.

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