Saturday, June 5, 2010

Liveblog: ROC Amateurs Part 3

Keith Knudson of 5 Star and Daniel Claudio of Infamous MMA step into the cage and this one lasts 22 seconds, both men willing to stand and play Rock 'Em-Sock 'Em Robots. It ends with Claudio face-down on the floor and Knudson celebrating a TKO win. Bill Borawski of Tong Dragon and Robert Chiarello of Varner's Combat Academy are up. Round 1 is back and forth, with Borawski taking the lead with positional control on the ground and a close armbar attempt. They continue in this fashion for all three rounds - Borawski taking Round 2 and Chiarello taking Round 3 - and the unanimous decision goes to Borawski. It's time for Will Quiroz and Dan Girace of Q Tribe and Serra/Longo to engage in combat. Whoo-wee, it's another slugfest, and the face-punching party comes to an end at 2:13 of Round 1 when Girace KOs Quiroz with a hellacious fist to the dome. Next is Anthony Genovese of Varner Combat Academy and Victor Mabin of 5 Star, and this one plays out as a spirited battle between featherweights. Round 1 is too close too call, but Genovese has Mabin in trouble with a rear naked choke at one point in Round 2. Mabin pays him back with some body-kicks in Round 3 - and again finds himself fending off the rear naked choke. Regardless, Mabin takes the unanimous decision.

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