Saturday, June 5, 2010

Liveblog: ROC Amateurs Part 5

Gold Team sends one of their own into the crucible, with Thiago Carfi stepping up to face TSMMA's Abel Ekonomakos. Being a Brazilian with a love for jiu-jitsu, of course Carfi makes it clear his intention to get things down to the mat. But he does his work when he's flurrying on the feet, and strangely, Ekonomakos finishes him with a triangle at 2:31 of the first round. Mark Garcia of Team Zocchi and Ed Gordon of Serra/Longo are up next, and I believe about 85% of the audience is rooting for Gordon. For most of all three rounds Gordon is on top, threatening with a couple chokes but mostly just making Garcia feel his weight, and for most of all three rounds Gordon's supporters are practically pressed up against the cage howling for their boy. Garcia has his moments in Round 3 when he gains top position; however, it isn't enough and Gordon takes the unanimous decision. Next: Greg Quarantello of BJJ Shore Academy against Robert Plotkin of Kempo Martial Arts. Okay, well surprisingly, Plotkin seems to know more than just kempo, as he avoids trouble on the ground deftly and delivers punishment. This is how all three rounds go, and Plotkin takes the unanimous decision in impressive fashion. Karate never die! Time for the main event, with Mike Fischetti going up against Eddie Lenoci. Lenoci comes out on fire, chasing Fischetti and swinging wildly. Fischetti is unfazed by it, though, and begins his game of "punch the face and sprawl". But the end comes when Fischetti switches is up, sinking a guillotine for the tap at 2:11 of Round 1. As usual, Fischetti looks like a beast. And that's all folks...

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