Thursday, October 21, 2010

Liveblog: Bellator 33 Part 2

First bout of the evening and it's Lewis Cassner against Fran Evans at bantamweight - both making their pro debuts. Other than eating a few short punches whenever he comes in, Evans proves to be the more dangerous of the two, threatening Cassner with an armbar from the guard before nailing the triangle at 3:20 of Round 1. Next up is Nick Cottone vs. Tuan Pham in another bantamweight pairing. This one is a classic blanket- against- striker match-up, so expect... I don't know. Something. Round 1 sees Cottone score four takedowns, but he's surprisingly active on the ground and working to finish, which makes it more exciting yet gives Pham opportunities to get back to his feet. Cottone slows in Round 2, though, due in no small part to the fists and knees Pham lands, and it's clear going into the third that if Cottone doesn't keep up the pressure his opponent is going to knock him out. Round 3 has Cottone absorbing more than a few jumping knees from the clinch but otherwise shutting Pham down and cruising to a unanimous decision. Last prelim and it's featherweights Deividas Taurosevicius taking on Wilson Reis. Cognizant of the fact that his only chance of winning is to get things to the ground, Reis walls-and-stalls Taurosevicius like nobody's business in the first. The Brazilian does more of the same in Round 2, while in the third Reis somehow finds the confidence to throw kicks and punches - and actually scores. Time runs out and Reis edges out the split decision. Not the most thrilling fight.

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