Thursday, October 21, 2010

Liveblog: Bellator 33 Part 4

Hey, guess what? Based on the deafening chants of "Eddie! Eddie!" it sounds like it's time for Eddie Alvarez vs. Roger Huerta. Round 1 sees Alvarez absolutely pounding on Huerta on the feet, putting fist to face seemingly at will. Huerta's got no shortage of heart, however, and he manages to land a batch of knuckles that briefly puts Alvarez on his butt. Round 2 is more of the same, with Alvarez wrecking Huerta's lead leg with a hellacious inside leg-kick. Huerta can't come out for Round 3, and of course the crowd explodes. Thus concludes the live broadcast. Now, with about 2/3 of the audience heading to the exits, comes the rest of the card. Ed Guedes and Luiz Azeredo are up, and given their respective strengths on the mat, the spend all of the first round kickboxing (and oddly enough, Azeredo seems to be getting the better of the exchanges). Round 2: more kickboxing. Okay, seriously, what the hell? Azeredo is kicking Guedes' ass, and drops him with strikes in Round 3. Where the heck was this version of Azeredo when he fought Mikhail Malyutin for the ROC belt? And is this Guedes' secret, less-skilled twin brother? The version is a shadow of his usual self. Time runs out and they're still scrapping pretty hard, but there's no question Azeredo has taken the unanimous decision.

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