Thursday, October 21, 2010

Liveblog: Bellator 33 Part 3

First bout of the live broadcast and it's Levon Maynard and judoka Rick Hawn doing the welterweight knuckle-tango. The two exchange kicks and punches in a piecemeal fashion for the majority of the first round. But when Hawn misses a high-kick and Maynard attempt to take his back things really pick up. Tossing Maynard over his shoulder with a picture-perfect seoi-nage and unloading with fists from above, Hawn gets the TKO win at 4:53 of Round 1. Nice technique. Now it's time for champ Lyman Good to defend his belt against Ben Askren. The crowd goes wild over Good's mere presence. God help us if he loses... Round 1 and Askren gets the takedown early, yet is met with a constant barrage of punches and elbows. Good reverses twice and finishes the round on top, but Askren has exerted the most control. Askren spends most of Round 2 in the mount, and does the same for the third round. It seems like the wrestler truly is unstoppable with his takedowns. Round 4 goes just like the two preceding it, but referee Kevin Mulhall doesn't like the stalemate of Askren in mount getting nowhere and he stands them up. It soon returns to the ground, and Round 5 is Askren again doing his ground-and-pound thing. The crowd does go nuts when Good stuns Askren with an up-kick and sinks in the triangle - like, insanely nuts - but it's short lived when Askren escapes and gets back on top. Askren takes the unanimous decision.

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