Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Personal Stats

  • As of today, I have attended 172 MMA shows.  That means that I have sat ringside (or cageside) for roughly 1,600 MMA bouts.
  • I have sat ringside for eight kickboxing shows.
  • I have been splattered with fighters’ blood six times.  I have been splattered with the sweat of combatants countless times.
  • I have attended 19 UFCs.  I bought tickets only for my first two – UFC 17 and UFC 33.  I was credentialed for the rest.
  • I have attended 35 “underground shows”.  Of that number, 22 were UCLs.  The only UCL I have missed was the sixth installment, which featured the debut of some kid named Frankie Edgar.  I was in Thailand at the time getting married.
  • The farthest distance I’ve traveled for an MMA event is London, England.  The shortest distance is three blocks from my house.
  • UFC 17 was the first MMA event I saw live.
  • Dan Miragliotta was the referee at the second MMA show I ever saw live.  It was an unsanctioned event in Richmond, Virginia.
  • I was there when New Jersey held its first fully-sanctioned amateur event.  Greg Soto fought and won.  Soto competed at the UFC in Las Vegas this past weekend.
  • It is 2011.  I have been covering the sport of MMA for ten years.

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