Saturday, February 5, 2011

Liveblog: CFFC Part 2

First up is a bantamweight bout between Kurt Kalash and Tuan Pham. Pham is a hard-hitting striker through and through - he was once on a safari in Africa and when he was attacked by a rhino he knocked it out with a right hook. Let's see if he can employ that same mojo against Kalash. Round 1 sees the two feel each other out on the feet a bit, and then Pham scores a takedown and begins working Kalash over on the ground. The grapple-fest continues through the second round, with Kalash coming perilously close with a triangle and Pham giving him the business with scrambles and punches. Though Kalash is the one scoring the takedown in Round 3, it ends up being the Pham Show with Pham affixing himself to Kalash's back and staying their for the duration. He takes the unanimous decision when time runs out. Now it's time for the heavyweights, with Team KOA's Lewis Pascavage squaring off against Chris Sydnor. It takes about two seconds for Sydnor to feel his opponent's power and decide he wants to take him down, and what follows is some spirited back and forth that ends with Syndor on top and dropping bombs. Pascavage is KO'd at 2:12 of the first round. Next: Mike Rideout of Team SPMF and Team Bombsquad's Mike Winters. Winters makes it clear from the outset he's all about clinching and jiu-jitsuing the hell out of his foe, and if not for Rideout's sprawl-and-brawl game and his competence in the grappling department, Winters would be kicking ass and taking names. But he's not and Round 1 is pretty back and forth. Round 2, though, is all Winters, as he seems to have enough boundless pep to control and pound on Rideout mercilessly. Rideout rallies for the briefest of instants in the third, but when Winters gets him down he's too spent to defend the crucifix, and Winters unleashes a barrage of elbows for the TKO. The official time is 3:47 of Round 3.

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