Saturday, February 5, 2011

ROC 34 Postscript

Another solid installment from promoter Lou Neglia. Highlights included Jimbo Hoffman's dominant performance in his pro debut, Jessica Eye's "Cyborg-esqe" striking, and watching two strikers in Ariel Sepulveda and Aung Nsang nail submissions over grappler opponents. Costa Philippou and Uriah Hall had so much respect for each other's ability - and rightly so - that whatever stand-up war we might have expected was muted by caution. And Philippou won based solely on his takedowns late in Rounds 1 and 2. That's it. I had to commentate alongside the Garv for the Pague/DeAngelis fight, hence no crappy pics of the bout, but it really is heartbreaking to see DeAngelis lose like that knowing he put so much effort into training. DeAngelis literally did everything right - he kicked, he moved around a lot, he mixed in takedowns, he threw punches from the inside, and he even broke his opponent's nose. Yet all it takes is one pinpoint-accurate right cross and you've got yourself a knockout. Hopefully, DeAngelis will be back.

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