Saturday, February 5, 2011

Liveblog: CFFC Part 4

Gemiyale Adkins of 302 BJJ and the veteran John Doyle step into the cage for their bout. Doyle comes out doing what he does best - wrestling people into mush - and he spends all of the first round working Adkins over. But Round 2 is all about the dirty boxing and the ground and pound - which is apparently Adkins' bread and butter. The final frame is a lot more competitive, with Doyle keeping in it with his dogged grappling and Adkins winning the exchanges. Adkins takes the unanimous decision. Main event time, and Team Vision rep Victor O'Donnell enters to take on Ricardo Almeida-trained Andrew Riddles. Odds are, someone is getting knocked out or someone is getting the blanket treatment. We'll see which comes to fruition. Round 1 is very competitive, with O'Donnell scoring a takedown and the two feeling each other out extensively on the feet. It's a blowout in Round 2, however, as O'Donnell closes Riddles' eye with a fist then chokes him out with a hellacious guillotine. The official time of the finish is 2:40 of the second round. And I'm out.

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