Friday, February 4, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 34 Part 2

First bout and it's Manny Millan of Team Stryker and Mike Benoit of Bellmore Kickboxing in a featherweight contest. It's a dogfight from the opening bell, with both men blazing away on the feet and tagging each other until Benoit starts mixing in takedowns - then it's all about Benoit beating the bejeezus out of Millan every which way to Sunday. When time runs out Benoit takes the unanimous decision. Next: Team Vendetta's Jimbo Hoffman vs. Eagle Martial Arts' Yaser Shaukur in another featherweight pairing. Hoffman was a kickass amateur, but this is his pro debut. Can he make the transition seamlessly? Um, yeah. From takedown to mount to a storm of punches to a guillotine, it's all Hoffman, and Shaukur is tapping at :47. Last prelim and it's Vitor Shaolin student Sergio Da Silva against St. Charles MMA rep Alp Ozkillic at bantamweight. Round 1 is all Ozkillic, whose wrestling superiority enables him to stifle Da Silva's game and drop leather from above. Perhaps sensing he's in dire straights, Da Silva comes out for Round 2 throwing fists, knees and kicks with reckless abandon, and it serves him well in making Ozkillic know he's in a fight. But the judges aren't convinced, and Ozkillic ends up with the unanimous decision.

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