Friday, February 4, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 34 Part 6

Steve DeAngelis and Dustin Pague are in the cage for their bantamweight title scrap. Round 1 is a lot of movement, a lot of punches thrown, and DeAngelis eating a knee but scoring a takedown and working his ground and pound. But Pague finds his range in Round 2, and he catches DeAngelis with a right hand. The official time of the KO is :25 of the round, and Pague is the new ROC 135-pound champ. Nova Uniao's Gabriel Migliolo and Tai Kai's Marques Daniels are up and competing for the ROC 155-pound strap. These guys really go at it, mixing wild striking with wild grappling, until Migliolo starts landing knees to Daniels' dome, wobbling the hell out of the Tai Kai fighter. Unfortunately, Miglioli lands one while Daniels has a knee on the mat, and the ensuing cut has the doctor waiving it off. Because it's a foul, Migliolo is disqualified, rendering Daniels the victor. Crappy ending to an exciting bout. Last bout and it's Clinch Academy's Jacob Kirwan and BJJ Shore Academy's Ryan Vaccaro for the featherweight title. The round opens and they immediately start grappling, and in a scramble Kirwan latches on with guillotine. Vaccaro taps at 1:26 of Round 1, making Kirwan the new champ. And that all, folks.

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