Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liveblog: CFFC Part 3

Main card time and it's Mtume Goodrum of Bullpen against Andres Jeudi of Sityodtong. Round 1 is a sad, tentative kickboxing bout, with neither man willing to commit to anything other than the occasional kick and one-two. Emboldened by the Muay Thai fight he's losing, Goodrum manages a takedown and scrambles briefly into back-mount in Round 2, but there's no such action in Round 3, and time expires in unsatisfying fashion. Jeudi takes the unanimous decision. Striker Ariel Sepulveda of Next Evolution MMA and Kyle Cerminara of Balance square off next. Cerminara makes it clear from the outset he wants this one on the ground, and he's successful for the most part, punishing Sepulveda from top position. But the second Sepulveda gets to his feet again he nails his foe with a knee that knocks out Cerminara's tooth - proving that no matter what, he's still in the fight. Round 2 is all about Cerminara keeping Sepulveda down and beating on him, and Round 3 is just Cerminara lying on top. He takes the unanimous decision when time expires.

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