Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liveblog: CFFC Part 4

Crowd-favorite Anthony Dagostino of SPMMA enters to face Bill Bontcue of Balance. Yikes, this one is a bloody mess from the opening seconds. First, Bontcue pegs Dagostino with a knee that opens a cut on his scalp. They wrestle for a bit, and then Dagostino slams a knee into Bontcue's nose. There is, literally, blood spilled everywhere. Round 2 sees Dagostino dish out more punishment than he takes, and Bontcue - complaining that he can't see - doesn't answer the bell for Round 3. Dave Church of Pellegrino MMA and Neil Johnson of MASE Training square off, with Church another big fan favorite. Round 1 has these two slugging, then Johnson gets Church down and batters him like a fish fillet. Round 2 is all brawl, and though Church manages to ding Johnson and send him to a knee, he gets the worst of it by far and winds up with a swelling eye that has the doctor calling it before Round 3 can begin.

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