Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liveblog: CFFC Part 5

It's co-main event time, and Pellegrino MMA child prodigy Lester Caslow and Spa City BJJ sensei Eddie Fyvie enter to cage. Both men have been doing this a long time and are capable fighters everywhere, so this should be a good one. Round 1 has Fyvie scoring with a high-amplitude takedown and the two struggling to find either a sub or escape. Fyvie finds his groove in the second round, imposing his will a bit more with his jiu-jitsu and threating with a pair of guillotines and an arm-triangle. Fyvie takes Round 3 by virtue of a single takedown, and when time runs out there's no question he's earned the unanimous decision. Last bout and it's Andre Gusmao vs. Tim Williams. Gusmao was an unstoppable force with his striking in the IFL, but things didn't pan out in the UFC. Williams is an undefeated grappling machine. Who will win? Man, I ain't psychic. How should I know? Round 1 is all about Williams chasing his foe and boxing him into oblivion, while Gusmao backpedals waiting for an opening. Things even up in the second frame, as Gusmao starts landing more and snags two takedowns. Unfortunately, spilled ice on the canvas leads to Gusmao slipping face-first to the mat and Williams pounding him out. The official time of the regrettable TKO is :16 of Round 3. And I'm out.


Anonymous said...

It was Gusmao's corner though that dropped the ice in the first place. I hate it when people try taking credit away from the fighters. Williams was killing him anyway, the slip was an easy way out for Gusmao; I’m sure his face appreciated it.

Jim Genia said...

Williams won Round 1 but lost Round 2. Maybe, if no ice had entered into the equation, he would've rallied and beaten Gusmao. Or maybe he would've gotten his ass kicked. Regardless, we'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Explain rallied, by your admission it was tied one round to one. I disagree about that gusmao won the 2nd round, he dis get 2 take downs the 1st williams for up in short time taking no damage, the second takedown the referee stood them up after gusmao did not do much. As for the striking in the 2nd round i would give Williams the slight edge because he was moving forward pressing the action and commanding the cage. Maybe you have the official score cards, otherwise we can argue either way.

Some people we claiming that gusmao's corner intentionally spilled the ice to give a gassing gusmao more time to recover. If that is true maybe it backfired.

Jim Genia said...

1. Williams lost Round 2 because he was taken down twice and he was being out-struck.

2. The idea that Ricardo Almeida - a very respected instructor, fighter and now judge for the athletic commission - spilled ice on purpose to buy his fighter time is both laughable and offensive.

Why are you so concerned about the opinion of some dude on the Internet? You should be more concerned with how Williams is going to deal with Victor O'Donnell's heavy hands and wrestling.