Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yesterday's Press Conference in Albany Generates Some Media Attention


Things may be moving a bit slow for MMA in the legislative process, but yesterday's press conference in Albany was at least successful in generating some much needed media attention. Instead of focusing on economic benefits, organizers went the "MMA is empowering for females" route by having young ladies talk about what training in the sport has done for them. In turn, the speakers did their part in extolling the sport's virtues.

From the Capitol Confidential blog:

“Mixed martial arts doesn’t victimize women. Instead it provides tangible tools for us to strengthen and empower ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. It teaches us constant vigilance,” said Juliet Shen, a UAlbany junior who said she first encountered MMA at a self-defense and anti-sexual assault workshop sponsored by her sorority, Delta Phi Lambda. “Mixed martial arts prepares us for a male-dominated world where we have to work twice as hard just to survive.”
And here's blurb from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
In a phone interview with the Review-Journal, Pascale said the argument that MMA fights are anti-women is “hogwash.”
“You’re seeing a rise in female fighters. If anything, it’s more pro-woman,” Pascale said. “To say it encourages violence toward women, that’s complete garbage.”
If press coverage is the coal to the fires of political action, then this is at least something, right?

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