Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mid-Year Combative Sports Stats for New Jersey and New York


We're halfway through the year, and as is the custom, New Jersey State Athletic Control Board Grand Poobah Nick Lembo has released some stats on what has transpired in 2014 thus far. Of course, not to be outdone, I've compiled some stats regarding New York mixed martial arts. Compare them, contrast them, do whatever with them. I don't care!

New Jersey:

  • Total number of regulated events: 28
  • Total number of regulated bouts: 283
  • Number of regulated pro boxing events: 9
  • Number of regulated pro MMA events: 8
  • Number of regulated amateur MMA events: 7
  • Number of regulated kickboxing events: 4
  • Number of regulated pro boxing matches: 73
  • Number of regulated pro MMA matches: 83
  • Number of regulated amateur MMA matches: 76
  • Number of regulated pro Thai kickboxing matches: 2
  • Number of amateur Thai kickboxing matches: 16
  • Number of amateur kickboxing matches: 33
New York:
  • Total number of state-sanctioned MMA events: 0
  • Total number of amateur MMA events: 33
  • Number of events that utilized some form of third-party sanctioning: 15
  • Number of events with no doctor present: at least 7
  • Number of events that screened for HIV and Hepatitis in some capacity: at least 10, but no more than 17
  • Number of promoters who try to blame all the ills of the amateur MMA scene on the Underground Combat League: infinity

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