Saturday, June 14, 2014

Read Sambo Steve's Rant on MMA4NY


Yesterday's attempt at an "MMA in New York" rally left a bad taste in the mouths of a few people - not the least of whom was "Sambo" Steve Koepfer. Sambo Steve, you see, organized those rallies a couple years back, and while at the end of the day the NYPD didn't get to cart anyone away for civil disobedience charges, there was something of a turnout for those well-planned events.

Thus was born a pretty decent-sized rant on his Coalition to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts in New York blog.

You can read Sambo Steve's full blog post here, but here's the crux of it:
Bottom line is this. Those of us in the trenches and living with this sad prohibition, day in and day out, don't have the funds to pay to have a lobbyist in Albany where our voice can be heard. We try our best, but it is not enough to matter in the long run. There are many people claiming to be helping the New York MMA community. In truth, many are not here to help us at all, but act with their own self interest. So, to those who like to pretend like they are in the trenches with us, I say if this is how you are going "fight" for us, don't fight for us at all.
Is Sambo Steve off-base for his comments? Or do you agree with him? Let me know in the comments.

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