Thursday, January 15, 2009

BJ Penn Confused, Thinks GSP Fight is to the Death

UFC lightweight champ BJ Penn, who is slated to rematch against welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94, is apparently confused about which rules he and the Canadian will be competing under. On the"UFC Primetime" show on SpikeTV, Penn is quoted as saying, "We're going to go to the death" - an erroneous assumption on the Hawaiian's part, as the January 31st match-up at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas will follow the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, and the Unified Rules list "murder" as an illegal technique. "Yeah, we're going to have to address that," said Nevada State Athletic Commission Grand Pooba Keith Kizer. "We don't do 'to the death' here. BJ is confusing us with New York." UFC 94 will also feature Stephan Bonnar, Nate Diaz and a whole bunch of other guys that won't be fighting to the death.

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