Friday, February 6, 2009

Liveblog: WCA Part 2

The event is kicked off by some sort of announcer dude dressed as a goth and wielding a staff with a skull on it. His name is "Panic". Seriously. His driver's license says "Panic". First bout: Daniel Tavares vs. Brian Danner. Danner is making his debut, and after some cautious hugging and tentative striking, he seems to remember that he knows how to throw leather and knocks Tavares out with a one-two combo. Next up is Mark Getto against Ken Foster. I'm trying to think of something funny in regards to Getto being from the ghetto, but I got nothing. Sorry. Round 1 sees these two wrestlers chip away at each other with punches - Getto technically superior but Foster throwing more and throwing harder. Round 2 is more of the same, but Getto steals it late with mount and some payback. Thanks to a takedown and some ground and pound, Round 3 - and the unanimous decision - go to Foster.


Anonymous said...

That Kenny Foster is an animal, I seen him beat the hell out of some guys in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Panic needs to go. Who would think there would be someone who looked at the TapOut crew and thought....hmmm, I should do that, they look cool!