Friday, February 6, 2009

Liveblog: WCA Part 5

Imagine if you will an entrance that involves a Portuguese rockabilly song blaring over the loudspeakers, and a fighter dancing while wearing some kind of hat that makes me think of a Brazilian farmer going out on the town. That's Felipe Arantes' entrance. His opponent, Steve DeAngelis, plays it cool and comes out to MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". Okay, I feel good about this fight. Round 1 sees Arantes, an x-factor around these parts because of his Sao Paulo-based career, as pretty tentative, while DeAngelis is a huge pile of confidence and wrestling fury. Round 2 has Arantes land a hellacious flying knee square on DeAngelis' chin, but he shrugs it off, gives the crowd a thumbs up, and ground and pounds the Brazilian against the cage. In Round 3 Arantes is even more aggressive, but he has no answer for the Team Pellegrino/Bombsquad stud's wrestling, and DeAngelis is just too savvy to get caught with a sub. Time runs out and DeAngelis gets the well-deserved unanimous decision. Monte Cox is cageside, so out of curiosity I go over and ask him what he's doing here. He's in town setting up some future shows, including an Adrenaline in May featuring Tim Sylvia against Ray Mercer. Monte, I love you. Mike Medrano and Doug Gordon are going at it now, throwing down like there's no tomorrow. Both men have KO power, and the crowd is digging how they're giving it their all. A clash of heads in Round 2 has both men bloody with matching cuts over their eyes. What a slugfest. Things slow a tiny bit in the third, but there's no denying Medrano and Gordon have had the best fight of the night thus far. The unanimous decision goes to Gordon.

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