Friday, February 6, 2009

Liveblog: WCA Part 4

Eric Henry vs. Brian DeMuro is on deck. As an aside, the venue is pretty much full, and Panic's mojo did not kill anyone. Anyway, Henry strikes like Keith Jardine (i.e. awkwardly) and DeMuro strikes like a wrestler (i.e. poorly), so we're subjected to two guys waiting for that one golden punch or kick that doesn't ever seem to come. Henry takes the unanimous decision. It's time for Anthony Morrison and Kevin Roddy. If my memory serves me correctly, these guys trained together at one point. And now... Now they're bitter enemies. Yes, like most friendships gone sour, this one involved a girl most fair, with locks of blonde and eyes of the clearest blue. Both men loved her, yet her indifference stoked the flames of jealousy that burned... Whoops. Lost my mind there. Sorry about that. Anyhoo, Morrison specializes in ground and pounding and Roddy specializes in submitting cats from his guard (yes, actual cats), and Round 1 is all about each man trying to do what he does best. Round 2 is more of the same, while in Round 3 Morrison scores with a big slam. Despite about 100 close armbar attempts from Roddy, Morrison takes the unanimous decision when time runs out.

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