Friday, June 12, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 25 Part 2

It's time for Rhino Fight Team's Mike Prokop to face off against Team Pellegrino's Jay Isip. Isip comes to the cage to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson - a bold statement by the bleached-blond fighter. The two come out trading leather and Isip drops "Porkchop" with a right cross. He follows it up with a bodylock takedown, drops some fist from top position, and when the Rhino rep gets back to his feet Isip drops him with a pair of knees to the dome. Isip is large and in charge for Round 1; hopefully he can keep up the pressure for Round 2. He does! With unstoppable takedowns and a dogged ground and pound, Isip grinds out a well-deserved unanimous decision. The last of the prelim bouts is TSMMA's Louis Gaudinot against Maxercise/Daddis FC's Nick Cottone. Cottone was a Reality Fighting champ back in like 2002, and for the longest time was one the best "little guys" in the Garden State. Can he withstand the power of Gaudinot's bright green hair? It takes a while but Cottone manages to get Gaudinot down. He can't, however, do much to him thanks to the TSMMA rep's rubber guard, and when they're back on their feet it's clear Cottone wants no part of the stand-up game. Round 2 sees Cottone continue to try to smother his foe, and hug him to death whenever they're standing. The old school veteran earns the unanimous decision.

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