Friday, June 12, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 25 Part 5

The next stop on the Jeff Lentz train is right here, right now, as the Rhino Fight Team killer enters the cage to take on the well-rounded and very dangerous Spa City BJJ rep Eddie Fyvie. Will Fyvie be the one to derail Lentz? The come out and start swinging, and Lentz begins wearing Fyvie down with punches and knees from the clinch. Fyvie shoots out of desperation and Lentz plasters him with a flying knee, and when the Spa City BJJ rep turtles, Lentz's punches are really just the icing on a cake he's already taken a huge bite out of. The official time of the KO is 2:02. Lentz is a monster, plain and simple. Team Serra/Longo star Al Iaquinta is set to face off against Maxercise/Daddis FC's Tim Sylvester. Iaquinta wastes no time in this one, as he starts blasting Sylvester repeatedly until his right hand meets Sylvester's chin and knocks him out. It's over in 13 seconds. Right now, the biggest lightweight match-up in the Northeast has to be Lentz vs. Iaquinta. Nothing else matters.

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Anonymous said...

Lentz will not be beaten, not by Iaquinta, or any one else on this circuit. Lentz is destined to take this sport places it can only dream of at this point. He is a pure fighter, with more "heart" than any fighter I"ve seen to date.