Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liveblog: Take On Muay Thai Part 3

Tourny bout #3 is Sheldon Gaines of MTA facing Strout Fight Team's Turan Hasanov. Yikes. Gaines comes out moving at about three speeds faster than Hasanov, and wastes no time blooding him and laying into his ribs with knees. Showing a lot of heart, Hasanov comes out in Round 2 and keeps working, eventually catching Gaines in a corner and showering him with fists. Gaines survives, though, and it's a scrap in the final frame that has both men hurting the other. In the end, the majority decision goes to Hasanov. Last of the quarterfinal tournament bouts and it's Bellmore Kickboxing's Terrence Hill against Gabriel Varga of Varga Muay Thai. If there's one thing a Bellmore Kickboxing rep knows, it's how to throw a punch, and Hill comes out a starts lighting up Varga like a Christmas tree. But Varga sports a height advantage, which he uses to repeatedly clinch and throw Hill to the canvas. Round 2 sees Varga land more kicks and open a cut over Hill's eye with another trip to the floor. The final round is brutal - neither man is keen on slowing down and they simply tear into each other. When time runs out, Hill is awarded the unanimous decision, which doesn't sit well with the crowd despite Hill being a local guy. Oh well. Never leave it in the hands of the judges. Anyhow, Varga talks a stroll around the ring and gets an ovation, so that's got to count for something. Next up is a non-tournament bout between Aby Rulloda of World Team USA and Sitan's Peelo Deonarain. Deonarain starts off chasing Rulloda and walking into punches, and that behind continues into Round 2, with Rulloda feeding her the same right cross over and over again. To her credit, Deonarain never goes down, but she never stops that cross from tagging her, and when the final bell sounds Rulloda is given the unanimous decision.

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