Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liveblog: Take On Muay Thai Part 5

Thus far there have been zero stoppages, just decisions. Will Team Renzo's Elijah Clarke and 5 Point's Gaius Ebratt remedy that? Ebratt comes close in the opening round, landing frequently and catching Clarke with a meaty hook to the floating rib at the bell. It's only a few seconds into Round 2 when Ebratt drops him again with a kick to the liver, and the rest of the frame is spent with Ebratt hunting that same sweet spot and Clarke protecting it like crazy. Clarke goes down in Round 3 once again, and when the fourth knockdown comes in Round 4, that's all she wrote. Ebratt via TKO. Next bout is a non-tournament rematch between Jay Matias of Sitan and Mohammed Lemjerdine of CT's Finest. It's pretty even in the first round, as an expressionless Matias moves forward landing punches and Lemjerdine battles back with kicks and knees. It's the same in Rounds 2, 3 and 4, and Lemjerdine seems to grow more and more frustrated that Matias keeps following him with a fist to the jaw and a cold look in his eye. Round 5 is no different, and when time runs out the judges tally up the points and give Lemjerdine the majority decision. Last bout and it's the tournament final between Ahmed and Hill. MMA fighter "Crazy" Chris Schlesinger - who's present as a teammate of Hill's - informs me that Ahmed is Hill's only loss as an amateur, so we'll see if this pro rematch will provide some vengeance. Round 1 is fast and furious, Hill blazing away with his fists and Ahmed pegging him with kicks. The action doesn't let up in the second round, although one telling thing is how many of Ahmed's high-kicks just barely graze the top of Hill's head. Round 3 is ridiculously close, as Ahmed starts out-boxing Hill and Hill starts beating Ahmed on kicks. Time runs out, and the judges decree Ahmed the winner. And that's it.

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