Saturday, September 18, 2010

Liveblog: M-1 Global Part 4

Hometown hero Jose Rodriguez is up at bat, taking on Mike Winters in another non-tournament bout. Rodriguez has forgotten more about killing men with his bare hands than you and I will ever know, so Winter might be in trouble. Things start off rough for Winters, with Rodriguez very nearly tapping him with an arm-in guillotine and later a heelhook. Winters is tough, though, and survives to control position and score with punches on the ground. Winters takes Round 2 with some unrequitted pounding from the top, and he does the same for Round 3 - only this time around Rodriguez very nearly snaps his arm with a bent armlock from the guard. Time runs out and Rodriguez is livid, insisting Winters has a broken arm and that the fight should have been stopped. Regardless, Winters is awarded the unanimous decision. Now Mike Geurin and Tyson Jeffries are in the ring, ready to get the middleweight tournament finals under way. Geurin is contractually obligated to take a beating in every fight, so if this one ends quickly and he's unharmed, expect him to step in front of a bus afterwards just to take damage. True to form, Geurin is bleeding from a cut above the eye simply from them touching gloves. The rest of Round 1 sees them picking at each other strikes. More methodical kicking and punching in the second round, although Jeffries does walk face-first into a right cross. The final frame is all about Geurin delivering one heck of a beating, both on the feet and on the ground. But Jeffries is made of iron, because he rallies and catches Geurin in a triangle of which there's no escape. The official time of the tap out is 3:43 of Round 3. Make a note of Jeffries; the kid's got some series ability.

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