Saturday, September 18, 2010

Liveblog: M-1 Global Part 5

The heavyweight finals are upon us, which means we get Kenny Garner vs. Pat Bennett. Wow. Well, this one is all Garner, as he tenderizes Bennett in the corner then uses Bennett's face as a speedbag when they've got some distance. Bennett is in Wobblesville, USA and ref Big Dan waives it off at 2:51 of Round 1. Time for the lightweight finals, with Jose Figueroa and George Sheppard entering the Crucible of Doom (tm). Despite being much shorter, Sheppard comes out head-hunting - and scoring - until Figueroa kicks him in the junk. And not once, but twice, which costs Figueroa a point. Sheppard ends the round with a good takedown. Sadly, Sheppard comes out in Round 2 swinging, then changes his mind and says "no mas". Figueroa gets the win by verbal submission, and Sheppard goes home clutching his groin. Last bout of the evening and it's Tom Gallicchio against Leonard Bentley for the welterweight finals. Bentley's got Matt Lindland and Dennis Hallman in his corner. Gallicchio's got the entire state of New Jersey. This one is all Gallicchio, as he gets Bentley down, pounds, moves into back-mount, and sinks his favorite rear naked choke (the kind that makes you crap your pants). The official time of the tap is 4:38 of Round 1. And that's all, folks.

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