Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liveblog: Brick City FC Part 2

Greg Jackson-trained Ran Weathers is up first, taking Miletich Fighting Systems' Brandon Adamson in a lightweight contest. If I've learned anything in all my years of covering fights, it's that you can never bet against someone with a verb as a first name, so keep an eye on Mr. Weathers. Round 1 has Weathers scoring with a nice double-leg, fighting out of a tight guillotine, and working his mojo from Adamson's back. Adamson doesn't like this, so in Round 2 he comes out and kicks Weathers in the ribs - nearly folding him over. Adamson ends up on top on the ground, again working for a guillotine. But Weathers catches his breath, escapes, again takes his foe's back, and this time manages to sink the rear naked choke. The official time of the tap out is 1:47 of Round 2. Artur Rofi of Team Renzo enters to take on Adolpho Sanchez of Rhino Fight Team in another 155-pound scrap. A clear crowd-favorite, Rofi comes close to falling prey to an arm-in guillotine in the first 30 seconds. However, the next four and a half minutes are all about Rofi putting Sanchez through the ringer with the kind of back-control reserved for long prison nights and gay pride parades. Sanchez toughs out about two dozen rear naked choke attempts, but he refuses to tap to an armbar at the bell, and from then on it's clear he can barely use it. Round 2 sees Rofi punish him on the feet with knees and punches, then finish the job with a KO from the mount at 4:53.

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