Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liveblog: Brick City FC Part 6

Team Greg Jackson's Jerome Martinez enters to take on fan-favorite Jose Rodriguez in what should be a scrap. Some of you may be wondering why Rodriguez took this fight after going three hard-fought round at M-1 Global two weeks ago. Well, the answer is simple: he's crazy. Crazy for violence. Or he likes to fight. I dunno. Anyway, Martinez rushes in and takes Rodriguez down, and after some scrambling, the Team Jackson rep pounds on his with an assortment of fists and elbows. One such elbow opens up a cut above Rodriguez's eye, and when it fills with blood he tells ref Big Dan that he can't see and that he's done. The official time of the verbal submission is 3:26 of Round 1. Last bout of the evening and it's Gregor Gracie versus Mariusz Linke. Can you guess which one is related to Renzo? Well, it seems Gracie's got somewhere else he wants to be, because he comes out and nearly clobbers Linke with he high-kick, is instantly on Linke's back, and sinks the rear naked choke at 2:13 of Round 1. And that's it.

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