Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liveblog: Brick City FC Part 4

Now it's time for the first Team Renzo vs. Gold Team match-up, and it features lightweight Daisuke Yamaji against Maciej Linke. Linke represents the Polish affiliate of Gold Team, and in his only other New Jersey fight he was TKO'd by TUF 12 contestant Jeff Lentz, so we'll see if he has a better showing. And... he does a little better, surviving Yamaji's bombing run on the ground, getting dropped when they go toe-to-toe but recovering and delivering some ground and pound and the final 30 seconds of Round 1. However, Yamaji comes out on fire in Round 2, taking Linke down and TKOing him with punches from the mount at 1:01. Next: Sharks Cage rep Don Wagner vs. Team Renzo's Carlos Cline. Cline was the Reality Fighting champ back in 1965, so let's see if he's still got it. Round 1 opens with Wagner employing his two best weapons: his fists and his heart. He uses the first to drop Cline early, and he uses the second to survive when Cline turns up the jiu-jitsu heat. Round 2 is mostly Cline bringing the pain, although Wagner does have his moment, finagling escapes and threatening with knuckle sandwiches. The last round is more of the same, and there's no questioning Cline has earned the unanimous decision when time runs out.

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