Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liveblog: Brick City FC Part 3

Josh Key of Rhino Fight Team and Eric Bradley of Wanderlei Silva's gym in Las Vegas square off for a welterweight bout. People who stand with Key tend to get knocked out, so Bradley eats two low kicks and decides to wrestle Key to the ground and try to submit him. Almost all of Round 1 is spent with Bradley in mount or on Key's back, although Key does make it back to his feet to reinforce that whole "dude, I will kill you with theses fists" thing. Round 2 is the same exact thing, with Key getting closer and closer to putting Bradley away with his ten seconds of punching. Key gets even more time to punish the hell out of Bradley in the third, but ultimately Bradley's wrestling keeps him from getting knocked out, and he takes the unanimous decision. Two longtime New Jersey staples take to the cage in JA Dudley (Team Endgame) and Glen Sandull (AMA FC) for a heavyweight pairing. Sandull goes back to his wrestling roots for this one, keeping Dudley down and doing his best to work him over. Dudley shows his usual gameness, though, and survives, escapes and delivers punishment of his own to punctuate the opening round. Sandull is on top for the vast majority of the second, and repeats that scenario in the third, cruising to a clear-cut unanimous decision.

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