Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liveblog: UCL Part 1

Okay, by now you should know the drill: MMA Journalist is at an undisclosed location within the Five Boroughs for the latest installment of the Underground Combat League. Yes, UCL, promoter Peter Storm, seven years of shows and running, alumni include Frankie Edgar, Bryan Vetell, Andrew Leone and Ryan LaFlare (who went on to the UFC, IFL, WEC and ROC, respectively). Anyway, tonight's event is more hush-hush than usual. I got the text on Friday night, and was instructed that this one is "invite only" - which means that unless Storm invited you himself, you ain't gettin' in, son. I have no idea as to the anticipated number of fights, but what I do know is this: this is the first underground fight show to be held in an Islamic cultural center!

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