Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liveblog: UCL Part 4

Next up is Jerome Nichols vs. Rashad Clarke. Clarke's got great hands - an advantage that Nichols attempts to nullify by taking the fight to the ground. However, after some intense scrambling Clarke is the one on Nichols back, and it's about a minute of furious defense before Nichols escapes. Round 2 has both men scoring on the feet and Nichols finding his way into mount. Clarke avoids damage, but he's exhausted; he doesn't come out for Round 3, rendering Nichols the victor. Next and last bout and it's Anton Johnson against John Acosta. Johnson winds up on top early when Acosta fails with a takedown, but whatever ground and pound Johnson scores with is neutralized with a pretty damn close triangle attempt by Acosta. Johnson lifts up his foe and slams him down hard, and the bell rings soon after. Round 2 seems to play out in similar fashion, but Acosta is spent, and verbally submits at 1:30. And that's all she wrote.

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Bruce kivo said...

UCL rocked last nite.Great blog Jim.We r seeing some stars in the making...James Braddock (any relation to the former H/W boxing champ?),Anton Johnson and another whose name I can't remember.Pete felt his timing was off, but u win some n u lose some. Good sportsmanship prevailed. Missed Big Dave, Kevin Wall and Chris Coor bein on the card, but there's always next time.C u at the fights!