Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Liveblog: Big Bang Part 2

First up is Zachary Sanders vs. Piotr Andrejko, which pits a dude from Kentucky against a Renzo Gracie Danville rep at lightweight. Round 1 is pretty back and forth, with Sanders trying to work his ground and pound and Andrejko threatening with punches and a kimura. However, all of Sanders' takedown attempts begin to exhaust him, and in Round 2 Andrejko gets on top and punishes. The final frame sees Andrejko wobble Sanders and Sanders survive to get the local boy down and work him over. It's close, and when time runs out the split decision goes to Andrejko. Next is Fight Factory's Steve McCabe taking on Darnell Hooker of Team Catch Wrestling in a featherweight contest. Hooker comes out with guns blazing, doing his best to overwhelm his foe with knees and flurries. McCabe beats him back at first, but eventually Hooker clips him, and when McCabe sinks to his knees, Hooker slips on the rear naked choke. Binky Jones of Team Ground Control takes to the cage to face Team Greg Jackson's Ran Weathers. Binky's been around forever, so we'll see if he can work the experience-angle in his favor. The opening round is essentially a jiu-jitsu match with punches, and when the bell rings Binky is on top looking for a place to put his fist. It's hard to tell if it's experience or grappling superiority that does it, but Binky dominates Weathers in Round 2 - so much so that Weathers makes damn sure that he's not on bottom in Round 3. It doesn't matter, though, and Binky takes the unanimous decision when time runs out.

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