Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Liveblog: Big Bang Part 4

UFC Rafaello Oliveira and Kevin Roddy enter the cage and square off. Apparently still very angry that the UFC cut him, Oliveira is all mean and fury, getting Roddy down, raining down strikes, and working on the rear naked choke. Roddy is game, but he has no choice but to tap at 4:46 or Round 1. Next: Chris Liguori vs. John Salgado. On paper, this is Liguori's to win or lose. But you never know... Round 1 is all about these two waging war on the feet, peppering each other with kicks, knees and punches, and a pace that remains high throughout. But Salgado can't seem to match Liguori's intensity, and in Rounds 2 and 3 the Ricardo Almeida-trained fighter gets Salgado down and works him over. Ligouri takes the unanimous decision. Branden Hinkle and Kevin Jordan are up for some old school heavyweight action. Hinkle has longtime training partner Mark Coleman in his corner. Jordan, meanwhile, has the voodoo diety Legba, so we'll see how it goes. Wow. Hinkle looks completely revitalized. First with a takedown, then top position, then hellacious ground and pound, and Hinkle gets the TKO win at 2:30 of Round 1. Last bout and it's Tara LaRosa against Takayo Hashi for a title. Round 1 let's us know right off the bat what's in store: a grappling chess match on the ground and a very tactical battle on the feet. Maybe - maybe - Hashi spends more time on top in the first and LaRosa lands more in the second, but no one is dominating. All that changes in Round 3, as LaRosa gets a takedown and works her way into back-control. Unfortunately for her, the bell rings before she can finish the choke. Round 3 alternates between tentativeness and bursts of violence, and again the bell rings with LaRosa on Hashi's back. Maybe Hashi spends more time on top in the final round - maybe - and when time runs out the judges are left with the unenviable job of deciding who won. Their answer: LaRosa. Adios!

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