Friday, December 3, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 33 Part 1

Atlantic City. Where dreams are made, and where nightmares are realized. Case in point: Ring of Combat 33 at the Tropicana tonight, which will feature 15 pro fights. Statistically, that's 30 fighters, half of which will get their asses kicked and lose (and some of the winners may wind up beat up as well). That's a lot of fighting, a lot of bruises and abraisions, and for MMA Journalist - who will be sitting in his usual cageside spot - a lot of trips to the bathroom, because, Jesus, 15 fights? That's 15 fights tonight and 10 fights at the Evolution amateur show tomorrow night... and you wonder why I only watch UFCs and Strikeforces on fast-forward nowadays? Anyway, it should be a great night of fights tonight, with Munah Holland, Chris Weidman, Tom DeBlass and Gian Villante all doing one great battle royale and George Sheppard taking a chainsaw to anyone who dares kick him in the groin.

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