Friday, December 3, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 33 Part 4

The ladies are up, and it's TSMMA's Munah Holland vs. Ryan Hoover's Extreme Karate rep Justine Kish. From the outset Holland tries to bullrush her foe into the cage to smother her, and Kish replies by deftly climbing up the cage and slapping on the guillotine (think: Renzo vs. Pat Miletich). Staying one step ahead in Round 2, Kish turns Holland's aggression into a pit trap of submissions, with the bout-ender a triangle at 2:53. Next: George Sullivan of Pellegrino MMA and Erik Oganov of Alpha Omega MMA. Oganov wisely wants none of Sullivan's deadly striking, so he gets Sullivan down and tries to punch. But the Pellegrino MMAer sweeps him and drops fists of his own, and Round 1 ends with him on top. No such joy for Sullivan in Round 2, though, as when the Russian gets him down, he's just stuck there. Luckily for him, there's a Round 3, which sees him score a reversal with a kimura attempt from the bottom and pound on Oganov throughout. Sullivan takes the unanimous decision. Team Serra/Longo's Costa Phillipou takes to the cage to face Aung La Nsang of Crazy 88. Crazy 88 of Kill Bill fame? God I hope so. Nsang comes out aggressive and throwing kicks, but he's sloppy and Phillipou drops him with a right and a left and finishes him with punches on the ground. The TKO comes at 11 seconds of Round 1.

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