Friday, December 3, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 33 Part 5

Title fight #1 and it's AMA FC 125-pounder Sean Santella against Tran-Lovato MMA's Mickey Lovato. Round 1 has Santella taking Lovato's back early, Lovato working his way on top, and Santella threatening with about 200 sub attempts. The AMA FC rep keeps up the pressure in Round 2, and at 2:56 he snags the armbar for the win. Now up for the featherweight strap: BJJ Shore Academy's Ryan Vaccaro and Nova Uniao's Marcos Pereira. In the epitome of back-and-forth, Pereira starts off by getting top and absolutley blasting Vaccaro. But the American deftly escapes, and in turn beats on the Brazilian for the second half of the round. Round 2 is all Pereira, who lands more and scores the only takedown, while Round 3 has him large and in charge from beginning to end. Pereira takes the unanimous decision and 145 strap. Now, for the lightweight title, are Jungle Gym's Joe Aviles and MMA Institute's George Sheppard. Clearly cognizant of Aviles' dangerous striking, Sheppard tries his damndest to be the Jungle Gym rep's new coat. It doesn't work, and Aviles lands the right hook for the crushing KO at 4:21 of Round 1.

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