Friday, December 3, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 33 Part 2

First bout of the evening and it's James Jenkins of Varner's Combat Academy and Yaser Shaukut. This is what we know about Jenkins: he can take a punch and he can throw a punch. Well, after absorbing a high-kick from Shaukut, Jenkins effortlessly gets the takedown, moves into back-mount, and slaps on the rear naked choke at 1:11 of Round 1 - so now we know he can nail subs too. Good stuff. Next up is Whitney Jean Francois of Brooklyn MMA vs. George Glykas of Reality Martial Arts. Francois trains under Philippe Nover and Nover told me to keep an eye on his boy; the last time Nover told me to look out for one of his guys it was Dave Branch (when he fought Alexis Aquino), and Branch is in the UFC now. Okay, well Nover sure ain't a liar. Francois comes out and steamrolls over his oppenent, stifling him with relentless pressure and eventually getting on top, taking Glykas' back and pounding out the TKO win at 2:54 of Round 1. Mervin Rodriguez of Pellegrino MMA and Brian Smiley of Wreck Room take to the cage. From takedown to scramble to slam to ground and pound to armbar attempt, it's clear this is the best Mervin Rodriguez we've ever seen. The beating continues into Round 2, and Rodriguez snags the armbar at 1:58. The last prelim and it's JA Dudley of Team Endgame against Mike Parzych of Fight Factory. Dudley comes out strong, mixing wrestling with knuckle-sandwiches, but Parzych proves to be tough as nails, as he survives and turns the tables in the latter half of Round 1. Round 2 is all Dudley, though, as he gets on top and drops leather for the duration. Dudley takes the majority decision when time expires.

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