Sunday, April 27, 2014

Marcus Surin Defends Belt, Then Gets Into Car Accident


It was a violence-filled night for VCS lightweight champ Marcus Surin on Friday. First, he went about two and a half rounds with a hungry challenger in Yuting Hong in the cage. Then, after his win, Surin found himself in a car accident.

"We're okay," said Surin when The MMA Journalist reached out to him for a comment. "The car I was in was totaled but no one sustained any injuries."

A car accident after a hard-fought battle in the cage? That's crazy.

"Yeah definitely but put a damper on the night...made it out of two battles unmarked... LOL."

When asked who was tougher - Hong or the other car - Surin had this to say:

"They both were equally challenging... the only difference was that I was prepared for Yuting."

A co-main event fighter whose dad was mugged earlier in the week, and a main event fighter who was in an accident after his fight - who said fighting in the cage is the hardest part of sport?

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