Friday, May 16, 2014

Ring of Combat 48 Tonight on GoFightLive


Ring of Combat 48 is tonight in Atlantic City, N.J., and with it will come all the usual thrills top-notch local fights bring. But if you're like me, and not keen on trekking to South Jersey, there is another option to take in the action: GoFightLive.

Go here to order the online pay-per-view, which is $16.99 and starts at 8:30ish (I say "ish" because one of the fights on the card got scrapped, so the start time might be pushed back a little).

Here's the roster for tonight as per the official weigh-ins:

ROC heavyweight title

  • Brendan Barrett vs. Justin Woods
ROC lightweight title
  • Chris Wade vs. Frankie Perez
ROC featherweight title
  • James Jenkins vs. Terrell Hobbs
Main Card
  • Matt Rizzo vs. Jimmy Grant
  • Steve Tyrrell vs. Randall Brown
  • Michael Elshamy vs. Zed Mitchell
  • Gregor Gillespie vs. Brandon Priest
  • Max Bohanan vs. Angel Corchado
  • Chris Sladky vs. Somner Martin
I will be liveblogging the event via GFL's broadcast, and will review the experience (spoiler: I've watched ROCs on GFL before - they're good).

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