Thursday, November 20, 2008

TUF 8 Analysis: Episode 10

Is it me or has coach Nogueira's English slightly improved? Anyway, TUF 8's tenth episode and the last of the quarterfinal match-ups - yahoo! But only a little Stankie - boo!
  • John Polakowski loves to hug people. Unfortunately, that hugging is the extent of his grappling ability.
  • This week the "prank of the night" was eating all the marshmallows in Polakowski's box of Lucky Charms. What, were the housemates out of urine?
  • A one-handed George Roop was able to defeat a healthy Polakowski. That's got to be embarrassing.
  • The semifinal match-ups are announced, and the preview for the next episode shows Junie Browning engaging in more shenanigans. Oh joy! Do us all proud, Junie!

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